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Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions shall apply in respect of all tour bookings with Erä-Oula. When you book a tour with Erä-Oula, you are agreeing to accept these terms and conditions. 

Booking, payment and cancellation

  • Booking can take place by e-mail to or with the contact form found on the website. Booking must include full name of participant(s), contact information (phone number, address and e-mail), and which tour you wish to participate.

  • Booking will be confirmed when an invoice of the full payment is sent by Erä-Oula. From this moment on, an agreement is made between the customer and tour operator.

  • 15 % of the full price is non-refundable administration fee. If customer wishes to cancel the booking for any reason, the following cancellation conditions will apply:  

    • 30 days or more prior to departure: 15 % of full price cancellation fee

    • 15-29 days prior to departure: 40 % of full price cancellation fee

    • 8-14 days prior to departure: 60 % of full price cancellation fee

    • 7 days or less: no refunds

  • Cancellation must be made by e-mail or letter to Erä-Oula. Cancellation will come to force on the date it is received by the tour operator.

  • All tour participants must be fully insured for the entire duration of the tour. Customers are responsible for arranging their own insurance. Evidence of the insurance must be provided to Erä-Oula prior to the tour departure. 

Cancellation and changes by the tour operator

  • Erä-Oula reserves the right to change the tour itinerary due to altered circumstances and conditions. We will make alternative arrangements as required. 

  • Erä-Oula is not responsible for; the consequences of any delays, expenses incurred, or alterations caused by illness, weather, war, terrorism, political events, civil strike, natural disaster, technical difficulties or any event beyond our control.

  • Erä-Oula reserves the right to cancel any tour departure due to insufficient bookings up to 4 weeks before the departure date. 

  • Erä-Oula reserves the right to cancel any tour until the date of the departure due to force majeure or other circumstances beyond our control, which prevents the tour taking place. Should this be the case, the amount of compensation payable by Erä-Oula is limited to the amount the customer has paid the operator.

  • Erä-Oula is not responsible for expenses incurred by customers in preparing for a cancelled trip (e.g. purchase of air tickets, accommodation, equipment, etc.) or for any additional arrangements.


  • Personal items remain always in responsibility of the customer. Erä-Oula does not accept responsibility for any loss of personal belongings or valuables.

  • Responsibility must be accepted for any equipment loaned from Erä-Oula to customer, and one must agree to pay for any loss or damage caused to this equipment while in your care.

  • The customer must follow the regulations and guidelines given by the operator. Customer must always comply the decisions made by the guide.

  • Erä-Oula takes all the safety measurements to make every tour safe. However, customer must understand the possible dangers and hazards associated with this kind of travel. All participants choose to take part on the tour at their own risk. 

  • Erä-Oula does not accept responsibility for accident or injury caused by poor fitness, ignorance, illness or negligence of the customer.

  • If customer has any disabilities, illnesses or allergies, this must be informed to Erä-Oula by the time of booking. All information given will be handled confidentially.

  • Any complaints that should arise, must be immediately brought up with the guide. Written complaints should be sent to the operator no later than two weeks after the tour has ended.  

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