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Sarek crossing

Sarek is among the oldest national parks in Sweden, and the first of it's kind in Europe. Sarek is a high alpine area with mountain tops ricing up to 2000 meters above sea level and home for almost 100 glaciers. The area is also well know of its great diversity of wildlife. During the hike we can even catch sight of bear, wolverine, lynx and unusually large Sarek moose. 

This trek leads you across the whole national park from Northwest to Southeast. The total distance will be around 120 km. Most of the hike is taking place on tundra landscape surrounded by high mountains. Huge contrast to this will be when we decent down to the deep and densely vegetated valley, Rapadalen. 

To join this tour you should already have some experience of hiking with heavy backpack. Walking on the tundra is mostly easy but there will be some very challenging terrain as well. We will walk across rocky slopes, find our way through densely vegetated valleys and cross fast flowing rivers. Parts of the tour we can follow reindeer trails but mostly we will walk of the beaten track. All the nights during the hike are slept in tents.  We will carry all our food, camping equipment and personal belongings in backpacks. The itinerary is adapted according to the weather conditions.


Daily itinerary

Day 1

We meet in Ritsem STF Fjällstation in the morning. We will divide the common equipment, pack and go through the plans of the following week. At 2.00 pm we will have boat transport by M/S Storlule across Akkajaure. The first 13 km we will follow the Padjelanta trail to the three national park border (Padjelanta, Stora Sjöfallet and Sarek). Here we are leaving the beaten path and entering to Sarek national park. After few more kilometers we are out from the birch forest and put up our first camp.

Day 2-7

Full days of walking. The daily distances will vary from 10 km to 20 km. We will prepare breakfast and dinner in the camp. During the day we will enjoy simple lunch outside.

Day 8

In the afternoon we will arrive to Saltoluokta Fjällstation where our tour will be officially ending. It is possible to book a room from the mountain station or camp outside. When camping outside the mountain station you need to pay camping fee and then you are allowed to use the facilities of the station (including sauna).

Day 9

Saltoluokta mountain station is located by the shore of lake Langas. To get back to the road we need to take boat transport from the mountain station and then walk few hundred meters to the closest bus stop (Kebnats/Saltoluokta).

Additional costs

We will need to take three boat crossings during the hike. You need to pay for the additional costs as following: Ritsem - Anonjälme 300 sek, Svine - Sitojaure 300 sek and Saltoluokta - Kebnats 200 sek. 

The last night of the tour we can sleep at the Saltoluokta mountain station. You can book a room or stay in the camping area. Everyone has to pay their own overnight.

Food package 

If you are not sure what kind of food you should bring, we will make it easy for you. We are offering food package for additional cost. It will be 300 nok per day including breakfast, lunch and dinner. You only need to take care to bring enough snacks and sweets with you.

How to get there

The nearest airports are in Gällivare and Kiruna. You can also reach Gällivare by train from Stockholm/Gothenburg and Narvik. There are daily bus connections from Gällivare to Ritsem and Saltoluokta. 

Bus route and rates:


You will find equipment list for the summer tours from info folder.

tour info

Price: 8500 NOK

Dates: 22.-30. August 2024

Start: Ritsem

End: Saltoluokta/Kebnats   

Group size: 4-8

Languages spoken: Finnish, English, Norwegian


  • Certified Arctic Nature Guide

  • 8 nights in tents

  • Tent

  • Camping stove and gas

  • Cookware and eating kit

  • Safety and communication equipment

Not included

  • Food

  • Boat transports during the tour

    • Ritsem - Änonjalme ​

    • Svine - Sitojaure

    • Saltoluokta - Kebnats

  • Overnight in Saltoluokta mountain station

  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat

  • Transport to Ritsem and from Kebnats

For additional cost

  • Food package: 300 NOK/day

    • Breakfast​

    • Lunch

    • Dinner

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