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Our values

Safety, sustainability and enhancing experiences

  •  Safety is always first priority on a tour with us.

  • Human powered core products: Travel with skis or by foot. It is clean and silent.

  • Minimal waste: Aim to produce as little as possible waste in all segments of the tour, recycle and reuse.

  • Food: Favor short-traveled food and make ethical choices.

  • Respect the local people and their culture.

  • Respect the animals and plants: Leave no trace. 

  • Small scale company: Erä-Oula is locally owned and run one-man company. 

  • Slow adventures: Erä-Oula doesn't believe in bucket lists. Slow adventuring guarantees more learning and deeper connection with the nature. Staying longer in your destination, compensates also the impact of your travels.     

  • Small groups: Offer personal guidance and good learning environment. 

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