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svalbard ski expedition

Svalbard is an archipelago in the far north – the kingdom of polar bear and arctic fox. This is true Arctic wilderness on the edge of the world! On this ski tour we will take you through some of the magical valleys and glaciers of untouched and wild Svalbard-nature. We will travel to the Van Mijenfjorden national park, off the snowmobile tracks.


Entire April is proper winter in Svalbard, and the temperatures can drop down to 20-30 ºC below zero. However, in April there is a lot of daylight and the skiing conditions are usually at their best. With the right gear and support of your knowledgeable guide, ski-touring in Svalbard can be pure happiness! This is a challenging ski tour, and you should have some experience of cross country skiing and staying outside all day.


The total length of the tour is 80–100 km, depending on the wishes of the group and weather conditions. Daily distances will vary between 10–20 km. You will be pulling a pulka with all your personal gear and food for 7 days. We establish a solid winter camp for each night and sleep in tents. We are travelling through polar bear-land, so each participant must expect to stand outside in polar bear-watch every night approximatery for an hour. 


Day before the tour we will meet it Longyearbyen, where we go through the gear, test-pitch out tents, and practice how to use the camp stove. On the day 1 of the tour, we get a lift to the end of the road in Adventdalen. We will ski into the Bolterdalen-valley, which leads us to the area without any motorized traffic. 

If you want to experience some of the coolest places on Earth, book your spot now! Contact us for more details!

Additional costs 

You should bring approximately 150-200 g snacks/day (chocolate, nuts, dried fruit etc.). You can do last minute shopping in Longyearbyen Supermarket.

How to get there

You can fly to Svalbard through Oslo and Tromsø. Dates and rates: or  


You will find equipment list for the winter tours from info folder. 

Expedition info

Dates: 25. April - 1. May 2025

Price: 19 900 nok

Start: Longyearbyen

End: Longyearbyen

Group size: 8-10

Languages spoken: Finnish, English, Norwegian


  • Certified Arctic Nature Guide

  • 6 nights in tents

  • Cookware

  • Expedition pulka

  • Tent 

  • Camping stove and fuel

  • Food

    • Breakfast​

    • Lunch

    • Dinner

  • Safety and communication equipment

  • Transport to starting point of the tour and pick up after the tour

Not included 

  • Ski equipment

  • Snacks in between meals

  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat

  • Glacier harness

  • Flights 

  • Accommodation in Longyearbyen

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