Skiing tours


8 days

On this ski expedition you will experience the true Arctic silence and the magnificent colors of the polar night. You will ski through the most dramatic scenery of Finnish Lapland and enjoy the coziness of traditional wilderness huts.


12 days

This is our most challenging ski-tour. We will explore the mountains and tundras in three different countries. We stay out of the beaten paths and camp in pristine wilderness. Two weeks of winter wonderland is waiting for you.


4 days

On this mini expedition you will get a chance to explore the Arctic tundra in the magical polar night. You will ski through the ever changing light conditions and spend the nights in cozy wilderness huts.


8 days

If you already have some experience of ski expeditions and want to learn more, this is a perfect tour for you. Sarek is true wilderness without any facilities. We will ski through the scenic mountain areas and spend the nights in tents.


7 days

Svalbard is an archipelago in the far north – the kingdom of polar bear and arctic fox. On this ski tour we will take you through some of the magical valleys and glaciers of untouched and wild Svalbard-nature. We will travel in the Van Mijenfjorden national park, off the snowmobile tracks.

Ski expedition for beginners

4 days

This is a less demanding mini-expedition for those who want to learn more about skiing and winter-camping. On this tour you will gain basic skills in navigating, safety, camp building and skiing with pulka.

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