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Hiking tours


Experience true Arctic nature of mainland Norway! Off-track hiking in the Varangerhalvøya National Park takes you through a very special landscape, which is formed long before the last Ice Age.



Three countries trek takes you across mountains of northernmost Scandinavia. This hiking adventure starts and ends in Kilpisjärvi, Finland. Landscape is dominated by open tundra and mighty mountaintops, dotted with crystal clear and pristine lakes.


Hiking through the famous Sarek National Park. Experience 8 days of true wilderness in one of the most remote national parks in Europe. Area is famous for rich wildlife, numerous glaciers and it is home for many of the Swedens highest mountains.


On this 9-day hike you will walk across the magnificent Lyngen Alps from South to North. Midnight sun, glacier covered mountains and vicinity of the sea creates extraordinary setting for this hiking adventure. 

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