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Ski expedition for beginners

Finally the spring is here! Perhaps the nicest time of the year to be out on the mountains. Long days, warm sun and superb skiing conditions are waiting for us. For this adventure we will bring with us few reindeer hides, some ice fishing equipment and lot of sunscreen. Our daily distances will vary between 10-20 km. On the shorter ski days we will have more time for relaxing and ice fishing. Ski trip to one of the surrounding mountain tops is also an option. 

Total distance for this tour will be around 80-100 km. The idea is to camp every night by different lakes which gives us many opportunities to try to catch arctic char, trout or graylings which the area is famous for. One of the days we can take a day trip from our camp and explore the area with light day packs. 

This tour is suitable for most people who wish to experience the expedition life in Arctic wilderness. It is not necessary to be familiar with winter camping from before, but you should have done some cross country skiing and have moderate fitness. On the tour you can broaden you skills about navigating, camping in the snow, cooking in the wilderness and skiing with pulka. You will also gain knowledge about Arctic nature, and maybe get to eat fish that you caught yourself. 

Daily itinerary

Day 1

We meet in Kilpisjärvi village in the morning. We will pack, go through the plans of the following week and get the last supplies if needed. After everything is ready we will head to the wilderness.

Day 2-5

We will ski daily 10-20 km and camp mostly in different locations. We will stay two nights in same camp-spot during the week. From here we can do a day-trip with light day-pack or go ice-fishing. 


We will prepare breakfast and dinner in the camp. During the day we will enjoy lunch outside. All the food and equipment is carried by ourselves in our pulkas. 

Day 6

In the late afternoon we will arrive to Kilpisjärvi village where our tour is ending. In Kilpisjärvi there are many accommodation options for you to choose from.

Food package 

If you are not sure what kind of food you should bring, we will make it easy for you. We are offering food package for additional cost. It will be 200 nok per day including breakfast, lunch and dinner. You only need to take care to bring enough snacks and sweets with you.

Fishing: There will be few ice fishing rods, some lures and one ice drill which are brought along by the company. However, if you are very enthusiastic fisher, I recommend you to bring your own ice fishing rod and lures.

In Finland ice fishing is free for everybody. While we are on the Norwegian side of the border, you need to buy a fishing license. It will cost 60 nok per day.

Fishing license:

How to get there

Kilpisjärvi: The nearest airports are Kittilä and Tromsø. There are daily bus connections from Kittilä to Kilpisjärvi. In April it is possible to take a bus from Tromsø only to Skibotn. From Skibotn you can take a taxi for the last 50 km to Kilpisjärvi. Taxi service is also operating from Kilpisjärvi to the nearest airports. 

If you choose to travel by train, there is train station in Rovaniemi with bus connection to Kilpisjärvi.

Bus routes and rates:



You will find equipment list for the winter tours from info folder. 

Expedition info

Price: NOK

Dates: April

Start: Kilpisjärvi

End: Kilpisjärvi 

Group size: 2-8

Languages spoken: Finnish, English, Norwegian


  • Guiding

  • 3 nights in tents

  • Cookware and eating kit

  • Expedition pulka

  • Tent and camping stove 

Not included 

  • Food

  • Ski equipment

  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat

  • Transport to and from Kilpisjärvi  

  • Accommodation in Kilpisjärvi      

For additional cost

  • Food package: 200 NOK/day

    • Breakfast​

    • Lunch

    • Dinner

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